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取自Martin Scorsese 的電影《Kundun》對白


(My foes will become nothing. My friends will become nothing. I, too, will become nothing. All will become nothing.)


(The Buddhas neither wash beings’ deeds away, nor transfer their realizations to others. Beings are released by the teachings of Truth, the final Reality.)


(Thus by the virtue of whatever good deeds I have done, may the pain of every living creature be completely washed away.)

願我成為醫者,成為良藥,成為那照顧所有病痛者的護士,直到萬物都獲得醫治。願我成為橋樑,化身船舶,承載所有想渡過大河的生靈。(May I be the doctor and the medicine, may I be the nurse for all sick beings in the world, until everyone is healed. May I be a bridge, a boat, a ship, for all who wish to cross the water.”)

【少年達賴逃出中國,來到印度邊界。】檢查哨的守衛士兵說:「我滿懷敬意,可否請問:你是誰?」(With all respect, may I ask? Who are you?)達賴回答:在你眼前的,是個人,一個平凡僧人。(What you see before you is a man. A simple monk.)士兵繼續追問:「你就是佛陀嗎?」(Are you the Lord Buddha?)達賴停頓一下說:「我只是個影子,宛如鏡中花,水中月。我努力想成為一個好人,而你若看到我,你其實只是看到你自己。」(I think I am a reflection, like the moon, on water. When you see me, and I try to be a good man, see yourself.)

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